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Day -27

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Day -27: The Final Countdown

Hello again. It's 27 days before i leave for Europe. Not long now. The days are getting shorter as my mind finally realises that i will finally be leaving in less than one month. Having wanted to take this trip since before highschool, my mind can scarcely believe it is finally almost time to step out into the world, to become an explorer of Europe. There is of course pressure, as not all arrangements have been made yet, though preparation is almost completed. I'm looking for a job with an airline or touring company in the UK, so that I may stay for as long as I wish, so I'll be hoping on something to fall through for me.

Our Contiki will begin about 2 weeks after we arrive in London, and will go for 25 days. Our tinerary takes us through:
- England (Starting point)
- France
- Spain
- Monaco
- Italy
- Vatican City
- Austria
- Liechtenstein
- Switzerland
- Germany
- The Netherlands
- Belgium (In transit)
- England (End point)

With so much to do in each country, i can certainly say we will feel utterly wiped out by the time we return to the UK, thought the memories will last us a lifetime we hope.

If any friends or family wish for any particular photos from any of the above countries, let me know and i'll do my best to obtain the photo's as i will no doubt be glued to my camera for much of the time.

27 days to go before takeoff

Dale Chapman signing off

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Day -47: Counting Down

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It's 47 days left before I leave for Europe with my good friend Charles. I can hardly wait to land in London and begin my adventure of a lifetime. The days seem to be passing faster now, though 7 weeks still seems like a long time to have to wait. Most of the preparations are finished now, my suitcase and daypack bought, my British passport has arrived and my currency exchanged. This will be my first independant trip in a long time, not since my trip to Thailand and Cambodia in year 9. This time will be different though, since it will be all up to me. I feel somewhat nervous, and no doubt I will be even more so when the day finally arrives, but my excitement drowns out my anxiousness and I can't help but imagine all the adventures i will have overseas.

Our Contiki Tour won't take place until the 8th of July, 2 weeks after we touch down in London, so we will be staying with my family in the meantime. My cousin's have offered to show us both around, and we have pre-booked our inside tour of Stonehenge, which both Charles and I look forward to very much. We plan to spend the first week and a half in Battersea with my mother's aunt Lynn and her son Geoff, before moving onto to Whitstable to stay for a few days with more family, who will hopefully be able to lend us a couch. Hopefully...

47 days left to go before takeoff

Dale Chapman signing off

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