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Day 22: Florence

sunny 28 °C

It's day 22 of my euro tour, feels like my head was stepped on this morning, didnt get much sleep last night, but it was an excellent day otherwise! visited the beaches at Cannes on the Riviera and took in the sights and soaked up some sun. bit of sunburn on the shoulders, but less than the other day. The beaches were great, and there were plenty of other activities to try, like parasailing and rollerblading! We all enjoyed our free day before heading back to the hotel for dinner and to prepare for our night trip to Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, which covers just under 2 square kilometers!! The casino itself was quite impressive, as was the city, and most of our tour tried their luck at gambling. Looks like my luck seemed to be the highest last night, judging from the 160 euro's i won at roulette. I honestly had no idea what i was doing, so most people thought it was astounding i won on a number, but I didn't have a clue as to what was going on. Today we're heading out to Florence, so everybody will be on the lookout for pickpockets, but I hope to enjoy the city, especially the space disco tomorrow night. of course, to get to that, we have to survive another coach trip, which won't be easy in the current state most people are in (tired, hungover or both).

Dale Chapman, signing off

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Day 20: French Riviera

sunny 26 °C

Bonjour once again, friends! Day 20 of my Euro tour and I'm on the French Riviera! We had a smashing day in Barcelona yesterday, seeing all the sights and trying the local cuisine of churros, tappas and Sangria. Been making friends slowly, but surely, just recently made friends with the two most beautiful ladies on our tour, felt very lucky to be spending the day with them n Barcelona. Went out for dinner last night and went to a bar afterwards, whch ended up turning into several clubs as well, but was all very fuin. nobody actually thought that the next day on the bus of course, but, it always sounds like a good idea the day before, not neccessarily the morning after. Anyway, visited a French perfumery this evening before going to the wrong hotel and driving to the right one, though everybody was more than satisfied with our fabulous dinner and excellent rooms. Looks like tomorrow will be spent mostlyu on the beaches before we get ready for a night tour of the second smallest country in the world, Monaco! We'll be visiting the casino there tomorrow night, which looks to be a great time indeed, then our next stop will be Italy!! Right now, everybody is just enjoying the downtime before we hit the frantic rush known as Italy and Austria. I'm off then, hoping for a good night sleep before our super bech day tomorrow. ciao for now all!

Dale Chapman, signing off

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Day 18: Barcelona

sunny 30 °C

Ola! We've just arrived in Barcelona, Spain! Very, very hot right now, we honestly weren't expecting it to be so hot! We left the Beaujolais region in the French countryside this morning, it was a really lovely place, but everybody got sunburned and the showers weren't exactly everybody;s favourite part of the chateau. Still, Contiki's special Chateau de Cruix was quite a nice place to stay, and the pool and bar were great. We've had a 10 hour coach ride to get to Barcelona, which we've been told is the longest drive in the tour, so we're quite relieved at that. Everybody is splitting u tonight, going into the city or finding a bar, or doing what i'm doing and having a relaxing night in. Need it considering tomorrow we're exploring the city, going to the beach, a Flamenco dance show, then clubbing until the wee hours of the morning later on. Should be an action packed day tomorrow, but for tonight i'm content to relax and kick back, maybe with a local Sangria, which is really cheap here, something all of the alcohol drinkers on the tour are very happy about. Hopefully I will have some pics of Spain to put up soon, because we only have two nights here, before its onto the French Riviera.

Hope everybody is surviving without me (If you call that surviving:P)

Dale Chapman, signing off

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Day 16: Paris and the Beaujolais Wine Region

sunny 26 °C

Its Day 16 of our trip and we're leaving Paris this morning. i regret leaving Paris so soon, its such a beautiful city, so much more amazing than i had ever imagined. I could certainly go another week of cafes, bakeries, cathedrals, monuments and of course, French champagne! We went on a scenic bus tour of the city sunday evening and all tried escargot, which we all had some fn with getting them out of the shells. The Eifel Tower at night is one of the most spectacular sights when it lights up. Yesterday during the day we all went walking around Paris and saw as many sights as we could, from the cathedral of Notre Dame, the Tuilleries gardens and the Louvre. of course, we couldn't see all of the louvre, apparently if you were to look at each artwork for 30 seconds and not stop to eat or drink, you would take roughly 4 months to see everything! Last night was excellent, the Cabaret show was brilliant, one of the funniest and most well done performances i've ever seen, and we all had lots and lots of champagne. We all thouroughly enjoyed Paris and i honestly can't explain everything we did and saw, but i cant wait to save up and come again. We're heading out to the Beaujolais Wine Region today and i think we'll all be a bit tired from last night, but hopefully i can upload some photos, i have lots!

Hope everybody is well!

Dale Chapman, signing out

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Day 14: Paris

overcast 23 °C

Hey all, its day 14 and we're in Paris! Last couple of days, Canterbury was excellent, loved it, and Dover Castle and the old war tunnels were really fun to see. We had a fun last night in Whitstable and i already miss it, though it was pretty hillarious to see a few people stumbling around drunkenly, hugging people (names will not be mentioned :P ) . Anyway, we met our contiki group last night, fabulous bunch of people and mostly Aussies. We left the port from Dover today, got to see a great view of the White Cliffs as we left, and now we've just arrived in Paris and we're just getting our rooms sorted out before we go to see the Eifel Tower with some wine. Looking forward to it, and the Parisian dinner, Cabaret show and the sights tomorrow. hopefully have lots of photos very soon. Hope everybody at home is well and getting along fine, missing everybody lots.

Dale Chapman, signing out

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